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An essay is a piece of paper written by students reflecting others’ points of views. Essays consist of many elements, which include literary criticism, learned arguments, and observations of daily life.­­­ Here are some of the writing an essay types provided for students to understand the basic concepts:

Dialectic: Students of Philosophy use this form of custom essays widely in, which they are required to make a problem statement along with arguments relevant to topic.

Exemplification: This sort of essay writing is classified by a relevant, representative, and believable examples in which students should consider their subject while determining their purpose, readers, and arranging all parts of paper.

Narrative: Students should use flashbacks, flash-forwards, and transitions to establish climax. The most focusing point of the paper is plot because students should use dialogue based on the purpose of the paper and arrange it in a chronological order.

Critical: It is an argumentative paper, which aims in presenting objective analysis of subject narrowed to a specific point. Students are required to consider the main criticism idea to provide positive or negative implication.

History: This paper describes an argument and claim regarding one or more than one historical events while supporting them with evidence, and arguments.

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