Privacy & Policy

The purpose of this document is to explain policy regarding personal information collected by this website of clienteles while visiting The information provided on this page is used to enhance the layout of this website and to modify the information provided in this website.

Information Collected while Clienteles Browse:
The web server of this website automatically gathers standard information of its clienteles and visitors, which includes IP address, type of browser, operating system, and time of access. The cookies are used for this purpose to customize the information on this webpage depending on the information gathered by the web server of this website.

Use of Cookies:
The cookies are text files that are used to identify the computer systems of our clienteles or visitors to the server of this website. The cookies do not identify the individual user except the computer system used to access the website. The purpose of identifying the computer systems is to monitor the traffic of visitors on the website. The cookies of this website record the areas of the website that have been visited by the computer system along with the duration spent on the website or web page. The users have the opportunity to set their computer systems to accept the cookies, to be notified of issuance of cookies, or not to receive cookies.

Optional Information Usage:
On visiting this website, clienteles or visitors are asked to provide their name, email address, and other personal information. It is informed that this website does not use this information for any other purpose whether it be for selling, renting, or sharing purposes. The demographic information of clienteles is used for internal market research conducted by Global Writing Services. If clienteles contact Global Writing Services by email to request information, report a problem, or provide feedback on services, then this information is used to respond their messages only.

Links Disclaimer:
In order to provide clienteles with specific information, this website is providing links to state and federal government agencies. A link does not include an endorsement of the accuracy, viewpoints, content, products, policies, and services of the particular website. It should be noted that after linking to another website from this website including any website maintained by the State, the clienteles are subjected to the terms and conditions of the particular website and its privacy policy.

Prohibited Disclosures:
The use of information gathered from employees or employers shall be for the use and information of the commissioner in the discharge of his or her duties. It shall not be provided to the public nor be used in court in any proceeding unless the commissioner is involved in such action.

Policy for Quality Assurance:
Clienteles have an option to request a sample of a writer before placing an order, which is free of cost. All samples are generated automatically by the system due to which Global Writing Services cannot guarantee that samples are to be included with text only as they may contain charts or graphs only. After assigning of orders to writers, clienteles have two hours to review the samples and request any other writer if requirements are not fulfilled.

Policy for Delivering Orders:
This option indicates that clienteles are to be receiving their orders in parts or sections as Global Writing Services deliver each part of the order on specified deadline. Deadline for approving order or revising order can vary between 24 to 72 hours and if clienteles do not adhere to the time limits, then the overall deadline for final paper is extended by the length of time delayed. Through this policy, clienteles are required to agree that they will stay in touch with writers and provide necessary guidelines for their orders. Clienteles also agree through this policy that they will provide feedback and ensure that the requirements are fulfilled.

Future Developments
With the passage of time, Global Writing Services can use its clienteles’ information for new uses that have not been disclosed in its privacy policy. If information changes regarding the privacy policy, then the changes will be posted on this page. In case of concerns regarding the usage of information, clienteles should visit this page from time to time. The data gathered by Global Writing Services is used from the time of the policy change for new purposes enforced.

Refund Policy:

At Global Writing Services, it is believed that all consumers are to be provided with its wide range of services with a maximum and complete satisfaction. For this reason, Global Writing is providing a convenient refund policy for ensuring the achievement of consumer satisfaction. We recommend our consumers to contact us before requesting for a refund in case of experiencing any inconvenience. It is appropriate to go through our refund policy before applying for receiving a refund. Our refund policy is stated as follows:

If you have faced any dissatisfaction even after receiving more than six revisions or modifications of your orders, you are entitled to report a detailed complaint to Global Writing Services by contacting us through live chat support, contact us form, Global Writing Services Forum, and Facebook. In this case, we will:
  • Assign a new writer from our proficient panel of writers to complete your orders if it is believed that the order can be delivered within the specified deadline.
  • Offer a customer a refund if it is believed that the order cannot be completed within the provided deadline

It is our sole discretion to offer a refund to customers in the event that a minor delay or error is detected in the order delivered to customers because such issues are insignificant to give a complete refund in such cases. For this reason, you can negotiate with us and request a discount or compensation for inconvenience.

If your credit card is credited twice, we ensure that the erroneous credited payment is reimbursed to you on immediate basis.

Note : Refund deducted if you cancelled your order after starting work or before deadline refund will be invalid. In case of valid refund claim it with in 15 days after submitting work